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Leaflet Distributor Job Haywards Heath
Looking for leaflet delivery jobs in Haywards Heath?

We regularly have vacancies for flyer distribution jobs.

It is usually part-time, but some full-time positions may be available.

It is delivering leaflets door to door to houses and flats, pushing them through the letterbox. There is no knocking on doors. You just deliver the leaflets.

The hours when you do the door drop are flexible. For example, you will be given boxes of leaflets and it is up to you how you organise your time.

Many people who do this are retired or semi-retired, but other age groups also distribute leaflets.

The minimum amount is normally 4,000 per month (or 1,000 per week.) To do that would take about 6 hours a week. Many distributors do 10,000 or even 15,000 per month which is about 15 or 23 hours a week. There is no set figure that you are required to do apart from the minimum amount above.

Normally, you enjoy flexibility in planning your route and you can deliver them anywhere in Haywards Heath. Sometimes, it will be a specific part of Haywards Heath.

There are 2,3 or 4 leaflets in each drop.

It is a permanent role, not temporary.

You are paid after each delivery has been checked by gps tracking reports. You would install a gps tracking app on your mobile phone. This allows me to see which streets and driveways you have walked along, your walking speed, how long you walked for etc. You would only switch the app on when you go out to deliver and then switch it off when you return home, so it is purely for work use.

The pay is per 1,000 leaflets which equates to around the minimum wage.

Please only apply if you live locally as it would simply not be worth your while to travel far for a position like this.

Contact Peter Munro on 01293 404422 (Weekdays 8:30 to 6:30)

Email: info@leaflets.tv

Please leave a message at other times, as calls are always returned.